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The player has to escape the prison by navigating themselves and finding keys which will unlock the door whilst actively avoiding the guards.

Each Level is pitch black, the player has to turn on the Breaker to see the Level, but the catch is , the lights turn on just for "A Second".

Touching a guard will instantly lead to the player being busted, but they can stay in their line of sight (their flashlight) for a second  .

Hope you enjoy the game.

A Game Made By :

Vainko Studios : vainkogamestudios@gmail.com

StandIn : kpdravid@gmail.com

(Discord : AntiInvincinator#0100)

Install instructions

Download the Rar File and Extract it.


PrisonBreak BYOG.rar 55 MB


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is this based of the show prison break

you guys have used the theme "one second"  well but there was a bug. when i come from the gameplay to the menu . the menu was stucked , i guess there you do not enable time.tmescale i guess 

Thank you for the feedback. Yea we rushed through the scene management and UI part.


Loved the game, it was  very challenging 

 I  couldn't  beat the 3rd level :P

Thanks Bharath77 for taking time and leaving us a comment.. It Means a lot to us.. "I couldn't beat the 3rd level :P" Yeah its kinda tough even I couldn't beat it in 10tries :P. Maybe 11th try does the magic and open the gates for upcoming levels and fun in it...